“Why is KNX the Undisputed World Leader of Intelligent Building Control… and How Does this Affect You?…”
New to KNX or building control systems generally?

Let us tell you about this immense system and why it has been the No.1 choice for many users.

The KNX System has been available for over 20 Years now and has developed into the No.1 Standard for Intelligent Building Control in the World today.

Covering all areas within a residential and even commercial building, this system performs all the tasks required of any modern building effortlessly.

Previously known as EIB, the system has the enviable ability to connect all installations within a home (light, blinds, heating, security etc) and unify them across a single platform.
This single platform approach is what allows you to easily perform all the complex functions needed to create the added convenience functions which are simply not possible with a standard electrical installation

As well as this, the control system will perform with impeccable reliability, more efficiently and with the greatest of ease for you the end user.

These are just a few reasons why KNX is the 1st choice for homeowners and property developers alike when choosing a home automation or building control system.

What Can You Expect with this Fully Accomplished System

The key strength of KNX lies with it’s power to effectively connect all areas of domestic (or commercial) installations.

Areas of application include:

Lighting Control
Central Heating / Air Conditioning Control
Electric Blind / Curtain Tracks / Shutters / Awnings Control
Security Systems Control (Intruder alarm / CCTV)
Safety Systems Control (Smoke detectors / CO2 Sensors etc)
Door Entry Systems Control
Entertainment System Control (Audio /Visual)
Connecting all of these installations creates a unified system with far more control & flexibility compared to a conventional individual set-up.

So what does this mean for you?

You Get More Control

Having a higher degree of control is where this system excels.

Increased controllability is one of the major advantages of KNX and can be highlighted with these basic examples:

Presence Simulation – You can simulate presence within your home. The ultimate intruder deterrent
Central Control – Probably the most convenient aspect of this system. Take control of the entire system with the stroke of a single button.
Monitoring and Display – Touch screen displays allow full system access and feedback of important information as well as direct connection to IP networks for remote home control
Energy Efficiency – An intelligent system allows for more efficient usage of energy resources
Presence Detection – Lights off and heating on standby when rooms are vacant for long periods
Scene Control – One touch control of scenes to suit your mood or situation
Control over IP – Opening you up to smartphone / laptop / PC or touch panels as user controls
Just to clear things up for you right now, this type of system can go by many names like; Intelligent Home Control, Smarthome, Home Automation and others. This has been a source of confusion for some people.

Read on to find out what this system is capable of and why it will be of great advantage to you and your living space.

What does all of this actually mean for You?

The main idea behind the system is to take all the installations of a building (i.e. lighting, heating, blinds, audio, security system etc) and effortlessly control them all across a single unified platform.

Effectively, this results in is you having just one system controlling everything within the house and allowing communication between all the different aspects, as opposed to having a separate electrical system, separate heating system, separate alarm, audio system etc.

Looking at this from a basic point of view, some of the benefits of this system are…

1. A higher level of convenience, Saving you time and effort.

2. Energy efficiency is taken care of without you having to think about it.

3. Having the “Wow” Factor. You’ll have to get used to this reaction.

You will experience greater convenience with things like central controls, iPhone home control, timer options, smart sensors, complex logic functions and more.

All the while, you can relax in the knowledge that your home is running at optimum efficiency.

But more than this… (and maybe most important of all)… when it comes to showing friends and relatives around your property, they and you, will be astonished by the sheer performance, style and cutting edge technology of your intelligent building control system.

Here’s An Example of this Immense System in Action

Say, for example, you are in a rush to leave or you’re running late for an appointment.

With KNX you can have a device in place at the main entrance of the building performing the following actions simultaneously and effortlessly:

Turn off all the lights within the building
Reduce the heating within each room to a standby temperature
Switch off power to specific home electrics (i.e. shower, cooker, TV, Hi-Fi etc)
Close any open windows
Lower all blinds
And… arm the alarm system
All actions carried out instantly as you lock the door behind you.

You’ve got to admit… even by this example alone, it’s clear to see how dynamic an intelligent system can actually be.

Quite frankly, this is merely the tip of the iceberg and just one of a whole host of features available to you with this system.

No Doubt You’re thinking this System Sounds Kind of Expensive

Like anything else, It can be depending on how you want everything configured.

You have a wealth of options available to you, much like when buying a brand new car.

If you tick all the options boxes then your will have an absolutely sublime product with a price tag to match!

Don’t let this put you off though, as there are cost-effective solutions available suiting most budgets.

Your Investment is Protected

Not many domestic installations can make this claim.

Obviously, nobody wants to plough his or her hard-earned into a technology which will be obsolete in a few years (like most other electronic hardware).

Which is why “future-proof” measures are built in to all of the KNX system devices.

Due to the physical nature of the components used within the system, they are decentralised and have the ability to be upgraded at anytime. Meaning you can make amendments at a time suiting your needs or when future updates have developed.

Using this system, you will have a wiring infrastructure in place with the ability to combat the effects of becoming obsolete. A problem commonly found with other home automation systems.

Even the open protocol nature of the system ensures longevity as over 300 manufacturers are registered to produce KNX products as opposed to just one.
Meaning, if one manufacturer was to go bust, then there would be plenty more to carry the flag. This approach is not common with other companies and will safeguard the future of this system

Your Smarthome could well be around longer than you!

Each and every part works independently without the need for a central processing unit.

This means there is no single point of failure or single point of control that can become obsolete over time.

The scenario of becoming obsolete will not happen with KNX, as its composition allows for constant, seamless upgrading and re-programming through the years ahead. This is a major advantage other systems simply do not have.

Another great aspect of the system allows you to develop or expand the system whenever you need to. And.. without any upheaval or mess.

Extend or Modify anytime – Quickly, Cleanly & Quietly

Yet another amazing feature.

As things change over time, you may want to extend or modify the layout of your house while still having KNX throughout. Adding additional devices is quickly and easily done.

Your system can be altered with as minimal upheaval as possible and in many cases without the necessity for chiseling walls and causing any damage.

Sounds too good to be true?

To be honest, it really isn’t too good to be true.

KNX is simply a real product with almost limitless potential.

It is the Best smarthome system available today. A bold statement indeed.

If you’re wondering why you have never heard of it before,this is mainly because, after it’s inception, the system was primarily used within commercial/industrial applications as an aid for maximising efficiency. Only quite recently has the system been promoted for use within the domestic market.

Look at its pedigree.

As Developed by the Industry’s Finest Electronic Systems Manufacturers

You will of no doubt heard of one if not all of these following companies:

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s, these guys got together to bring about this sensational system.

They pulled all their knowledge and experience to build the World’s Only Open Standard!

A system that now boasts tremendous reliability, durability and style.

The result being a system capable of performing virtually any function required by the end-user.

How can you get a KNX System?

If you feel Intelligent Home Technology is something you’re interested in and you can appreciate the convenience and long term financial benefits through more energy savings, then allow us the opportunity to help you explore all the options available with this magnificently easy-to-use, reliable and accomplished home control system.

Get your copy of the “The KNX Smart Home System – Consumer Guide” or Get in touch to find out more.

You won’t be disappointed.

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