DIS System

DOMOTECHNETWORKS INTEGRATED SYSTEM use KNX protocol as standard for its projects design:

the control system will perform with impeccable reliability, more efficiently and with the greatest of ease for you the end user.

KNX is the 1st choice for homeowners and property developers alike when choosing a home automation or building control system. KNX is the standard de facto in building automation and allow interoperability between different products.

What Can You Expect with this Fully Accomplished System

The key strength of KNX lies with it's power to effectively connect all areas of domestic (or commercial) installation via a bus system allowing the installer high flexibility on design and installation. The system is design to be able to support different configuration topology of its elements on communication bus.

Areas of application include:

Lighting Control
Central Heating / Air Conditioning Control
Electric Blind / Curtain Tracks / Shutters / Awnings Control
Security Systems Control (Intruder alarm / CCTV)
Safety Systems Control (Smoke detectors / CO2 Sensors etc)
Door Entry Systems Control
Entertainment System Control (Audio /Visual)
Connecting all of these installations creates a unified system with far more control & flexibility compared to a conventional individual set-up.

The main idea behind the system is to take all the installations of a building (i.e. lighting, heating, blinds, audio, security system etc) and effortlessly control them all across a single unified platform.

Here's An Example of this Immense system in Action:

Say, for example, you are in a rush to leave or you're running late for an appointment.
With KNX you can have a device in place at the main entrance of the building performing the following actions simultaneously and effortlessly:
-Turn off all the lights within the building
-Reduce the heating within each room to a standby temperature
-Switch off power to specific home electrics (i.e. shower, cooker, TV, Hi-Fi etc)
-Close any open windows
-Lower all blinds
-And... arm the alarm system
All actions carried out instantly as you lock the door behind you.

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